Your opportunity on the Camino de Santiago

Almost two decades ago, in the picturesque village of Agés, a special haven was born to welcome pilgrims journeying along the Camino de Santiago. The Pajar de Agés, inaugurated in 2005, was the first of its kind in the region and indeed the first in Agés. Its opening marked the beginning of a new era for pilgrims who not only sought to fulfill their pilgrimage but to do so in a warm and welcoming environment.

After a period during which the Pajar de Agés was leased to continue its hospitable mission, the year 2020 marked an exciting rebirth. The owners themselves decided to take the reins once again and embarked on a renovation. This chapter was not only an act of physical renewal but also a renewed commitment to the original vision of the hostel: to provide not only practical comforts but an authentic and enriching experience for all pilgrims who crossed its doors.

Since then, the Pajar de Agés has flourished, becoming a beloved and recognized spot along the Camino de Santiago route. The 2023 season witnessed, once again, extraordinary success, with pilgrims hailing from over 60 countries.

Now, the owners are looking to pass the torch into retirement. This opportunity presents itself as the continuation of a business with a large number of clients, name, and recognition on the Camino de Santiago.

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. Number of rooms: 5 (one double room with bathroom, one 8-person room, one 6-person room, and 2 rooms for 7 people).

. Number of bathrooms: 7 individual full bathrooms and 1 private bathroom for staff use.

. Fully equipped industrial kitchen.

. Reception area.

. Lounge/dining room.

. Laundry room with sinks.

. Individual wooden lockers with keys in the rooms.

. Heating (diesel boiler).

. Power outlets next to each bed.

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